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We offers the best solution with a systematic and differentiated methodology


1996 ~

Database Marketing

  • Direct mail, Biling Insert.
  • Newspaper advertising planning
  • Operating CRM(Customer Relationship Management) Center
  • Analyzing Media effect & establishing a strategy
2000 ~

IT based Consulting

  • Consulting on advancing operation of CRM Solution / Diagnostic consulting on competitive online media
  • Operating CRM Center / Sales·Service Project / Quality Management
2008 ~

Data Analysis

  • Research Modeling Regression / ANOVA / ANCOVA / Multiple Regression / Structural Equation Modeling / Delphi Technique / Dyadic data analysis / Data Envelopment Analysis Production Scheduling & Planning Project
2020 ~

Artificail Intelligence Project

  • Consulting AI Chatbot
  • NIA AI Planning Learning Data Project
  • NIPA AI Data Voucher Project
  • NIA AI Planning Learning Data Project
  • NIPA AI Data Voucher Project
  • IITP AI Exposition Project
  • POSID AI Chatbot Strategy Consulting
  • Established National Standards of KSA AI Chatbot Service
  • Registered patent on how to create a business model for managing multiple stores
  • Won a grand prize on Korea SportsBiz Innovating Korean & POWER KOREA (in technical innovation, AI Consulting)
  • Acquired Certification of NICE technical evaluation on an excellent firm (excellence T-4)
  • Acquisition of certification of female enterprise
  • Acquiring Venture Business Certification (Innovation Growth Type)
  • Korea's Knowledge Management Awards First Management Award
  • Patent application (10-2022-0028406) Real-time debit mobile gift certificate provision system using NFT authentication.
  • Development Service of Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for the Application of Golf Course
  • Korea University x EDIYA Collaborative Marketing
  • U.S. Patent Application (18/184,808) NFT and virtual currency purchase system and method using points
  • New launch of patent design consulting service