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Business lecture program

Module Contents Duration
Course A Digital Transformation process
Module 101 Digital innovation and competitive advantage 5-10H
Module 102 Digital Transformation in a public institution
Worst Practices vs Best Practices of Digital transformation
Introduction strategy for the public institution through leadership capability, Digital maturity diagnosis
Module 103 Digital Transformation from customer interaction
Latest technology trend, key success factor of customer interaction, digital Transformation at the customer center, securing digital capabilities.
Course B Conversational Design process
Module 201 understanding the use of data and chatbot services
types of non-face-to-face contact data, user journey analysis, use of chatbot service based on national standards
Module 202 Strategies to utilize chatbots on OmniChannel
Changes in customer utilization at various agreements, efficient use of contact resources, strategies for introducing phased chatbots.
Module 203 the use of chatbot and Career Resilience, the advent of Knowledge Curator(a term coined by Mineslab)
Contact organization reengineering to increase service operation efficiency, changes in human resources, and mindsets
Course C Data Driven Decision process
Module 301 Understanding service organization administration based on figures
Measuring, analyzing, and utilizing data, selecting an appropriate level of service, and optimizing the overall operating cost of the service organization
Module 302 and utilizing Big Data, Defining Big Data, characteristics, and diversity, 6 steps of Big Data process, application fields 5-10H
Module 303 Improving Revenue through Data-Based Decision Making
Understanding multiple distribution network data such as agencies, establishing evaluation standards considering qualitative factors, advancing evaluation through combining public data