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We offers the best solution with a systematic and differentiated methodology

Non-Face-to-Face Service Telecommuting Consulting

The support organization’s culture and the role of remote worker managers in operating telecommuting are considered as an important character of an organization.
We propose solutions that managers should communicate effectively by emotionally supporting employees to make them feel a sense of belonging in the organization,
support them to use better technologies, and provide timely feedback

Designing Telecommuting UI/UX

  • Telecommuters are limited from detecting a psychological atmosphere.
  • Such feature might cause employees psychological isolation, therefore need support from a system environment that can complement this
  • Consulting Application further development screen
    • - Agents ’ Performance Management screen
    • - Online Class screen
    • - Knowledge management screen
    • - Remote Support system
  • The part that significantly affects the agents’performance is the agents’ Performance Management screen, where further development focusing on motivation about performance is required.

Operation Manual to increase the efficiency of remote counseling

  • to increase the efficiency of remote counseling, considering the following four dimensions is required.
  • Composition of Organization
    • - manager’s transformational leadership
    • - social support
    • - appropriate selection of manpower using a span of control
  • Talent selection
    • - Self-disciplined competency
    • - Work centrality traits
    • - Desperate meaning of work
  • Job
    • - Process clarity
    • - infrequent policies and tasks changes
  • IT environment
    • - system environment that satisfies counseling employee’s want
    • - Knowledge Management System
    • - Remote-IT system
    • - Agent performance system